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Paladin Protective Agency will consist of three divisions all related to the Security Industry:
1.      (PPA) Confidential Solutions (Public Records Check)
2.      (PPA) Security Consulting (Threat Assessments)
3.      Paladin Protective Agents (Executive Protection)

We will serve a wide-range of clients from virtually every industry. Including corporations, small companies, U.S. and Foreign Governments. (PPA) owners and agents are well versed in the latest and best Security practices and our agents will receive training based on the methodologies derived from U.S. Secret Service doctrine. (PPA) will specialize in professional protective services with offices in San Diego, California. Our clients will benefit from experience and training of our personnel and the integrated security services we offer, which include executive protection, security consulting and investigations, crisis management, asset protection and special event security.
Minimizing risk is essential in today’s business environment. The safety and security of personnel, property, and information directly impacts on a company’s daily operations. It is essential to choose a partner to support or augment a company’s security plan, one equipped to anticipate and prepare for all potential situations. Clients can be fully prepared to handle any potential security threats by partnering with (PPA). We will maintain the highest performance standards in each service we offer.
(PPA): Prepared to take action, Paladin Executive Protection Agents will keep Executives and at-risk individuals out of harm’s way. Our training and methods used will help us recognize, analyze, and neutralize risks before they become problems. Selective screening and rigorous training will ensure first-class security for high-profile people. Additional security services that will be offered include security evaluations, security threat assessments and investigation, evaluation, resolution of threats, and secure drivers.
Protective Agents, Investigators and Consultants:  Professional Agents will provide security services for corporations, federal agencies and personnel. Managers and agents will be professional, competent, dedicated, meticulously selected, and extensively trained. All will have Police, federal law enforcement, or military security experience. Their expertise will range from basic security operations to crisis management and emergency response.
(PPA) Consulting and Public Records Check: Respected by business leaders throughout Southern California, will provide investigative and consulting services for corporations, law firms, and governmental agencies. Specialties include due diligence, risk analysis, asset searches, corporate theft, fraud, and unauthorized product matters.
(PPA) professionals bring sophisticated skills, diverse expertise, and broad resources to each assignment. Our educated analyses and practical recommendations will help clients safeguard sensitive matters. Clients will trust (PPA) to provide unparalleled professionalism, integrity, and discretion.
Education and Training: (PPA) will prepare agents for the most rigorous of any security situation or assignment. Our standards will exceed basic minimum requirements established for the State of California. The most stringent requirements in the U.S., thereby assuring that (PPA) are the most qualified protection specialist available

        David J. Zolezzi (see resume) is a Vietnam Veteran and former Peace Officer. Now retired with over 29 years of Law Enforcement. He also was working with OSI overseas in a special unit to help curtail theft and war on drugs. He has been active in the security industry and has an extensive career ranging from;  President of the California Correctional Peace Officers Association to President of his own security company started in 2001. He is currently insured, bonded and brings his Private Patrol Operators license as (PPA).                 

David Zolezzi/Retired Peace Officer

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